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Being Made Pretty

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

For years I have always saw pretty as something that can only be seen on the outside. To me, if you were pretty people treated you different. All the boys liked you, you got compliments all day long, and you were pretty much put on a pedestal. As I got older and my relationship with God became more intimate and deeper I realized that pretty to God is to be pretty within. “Kings daughters are all glorious within”-Psalms 45:13. For so long, I cared more about how people perceived me, as in my presence and my physical appearance, that I missed the fact that my heart was ugly! I had a horrible attitude, my mouth was smart, I said whatever I wanted, I would fight all the time and I treated people mean. Unbelievable right?! It literally took the power of God to change my entire life. That process for me was like slowly being undressed in front of a mirror with Bi-focal glasses on. I saw my proclivities. My imperfections. My wounds. It did not take long For Me to realize that i really did not like myself, but I loved God. I loved his ways and I wanted to be more like Him. So I began to press in Gods word. I would study the scriptures and when God would show me a character flaw I immediately wrote it down. I paid attention to my shortcomings. I took it to him in prayer. Continually. Until I was set free of it. I would rejoice for a moment, and then I was on to the next. I will never forget one day, My pastor spoke over my life. I was standing there in the back of the church. She said, “Olea is so goofy, but she is sweet!” I just bowed my head and began to cry! Do you know that was God confirming to me that He was changing me! So many evil words had been spoken over me, but God had began to destroy those words! Since then, I have realized that you never stop growing. You will encounter hardships, you will fall to the ground, you will make huge mistakes, your choices will be bad, but if your are a woman after Gods own heart, you’re in the perfect place. Allow God to make you pretty. “He will beautify the meek with salvation.” Psalms 149: 4. I heard someone say, “to be meek is just controlled strength.” How beautiful is that? True change and transformation comes from God. Transparency with Him will make you as beautiful as you want to be. 💕

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