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You can overcome homelessness!

Updated: May 29, 2020

Many people do not know this, but I used to be homeless. Yup, That's right! At the time, everything was going smoothly until my car broke down. It literally took for one thing to happen and that shifted my entire life. After my car broke down I had no way to get to work and so, I lost my job. As a mother, one of the worst feelings is to feel like you cannot provide for your children.

The Shelter I went to was so resourceful. At the time I fought it. I fought the entire process, but the moment I embraced my life circumstances, I was able to overcome it. So I accepted the fact that I was homeless. I viewed what got me here and set a plan for how i would get out. This move was very deliberate for me. During that 4 month period I learned structure. It was uncomfortable, but I was ready to grow. I knew that I had never wanted to be there again. I gained knowledge about housing and i took advantage of all the resources this program had to offer.

The most important part of this transition that helped me get through was Jesus. There was this inexplicable level of comfort I had in knowing that He would take care of me. My life was in His hands. I trusted Him, so I undoubtedly positioned myself to move forward. All it took was a plan with Jesus in the lead. The bible says, " write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, " (Habakkuk 2:2) So I wrote my 3-6 month plan and I prayed everyday. I watched a miracle take place before my eyes. That miracle is me!

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